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The importance of a fresh, clean office can’t be overstated, and the look of your premises can say a lot about your business. A clean office not only makes the staff more productive but also creates a lasting impression on the clients. If you are not convinced with the existing cleaning standard of your Brisbane business, trust the experts of Commercial Clean Group for your office and commercial cleaning needs. We hold years of experience in the industry and have built an enviable reputation for serving all types of businesses and organisations across Brisbane.

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Why Choose Us?

Strong management and supervision team with years of experience

Our Cleaners are fully insured, certified and background checked prior to commence work with us.

We strictly adhere to Work Health & Safety Regulations.

No lock in contracts

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

State of the art cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Regular quality control checks.

We serve businesses of all types and sizes.

Customised cleaning scopes.

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Whether you are the owner of a big company or having an organization with many employees, the first thing people will notice is the cleanliness of your commercial space. Be it your office desk or large glass window near the balcony; if it is clean, it will have a good impact on your visitors. When your client walks in, they will have a good opinion about your office ambiance. At Commercial Clean, we have been providing top-class commercial and office cleaning services across Brisbane. We also offer commercial and office cleaning services for Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne.

When you hire a cleaning service from Commercial Clean Group, you are guaranteed to receive the superior office cleaning for your office. Nobody wants to work in a dirty office. Just imagine, how great it would be to have a office with gently refreshing restrooms, spotless glass windows, clean desk, and neatly wiped kitchen. It gives a great deal of productivity and growth to your business.

Your employees spend most of their time in your office, so it is essential to have a commercial cleaning service from us. It could benefit you in many ways as mentioned above.

Our cleaning experts employ the best cleaning methods and use advanced tools for cleaning. We can also customise the service as per our customer requirements. No mess is too small or large for us. We can handle and clean all types of messy places. Whether your office had a party or an award show and you place is left a huge mess. It will be a nightmare to clean things up and bring it back to its condition. At times, you need a professional like us to clean and make your office shine like never before.

We are passionate cleaners and do a thorough 360-degree cleaning which covers all the surface areas of your building. Our cleaning experts are experienced and have managed many different cleaning requirements before to give you the desired result. In case you want our cleaners to help you in any emergency cleaning; we will dispatch our team of cleaning experts to come over and clean your office.

Industries We Serve:

Office Cleaning Brisbane

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Industrial Cleaning Brisbane

Medical and Health Care Cleaning Brisbane

Strata and Body Corporate Cleaning Brisbane

Schools and Child Care Cleaning Brisbane

Sports and Recreation Facilities Cleaning Brisbane

Pubs/Clubs Cleaning Brisbane

Retail Space Cleaning Brisbane

Hospitality Facilities Cleaning Brisbane

Restaurant Cleaning Brisbane

We are not just limited to the above industries but also service government facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, place of worship and much more.

Specialised Services:

At Commercial Clean Group, we take pride in ensuring that our customers’ premises look at their best all the time, which is why we pay meticulous attention to every nook and corner of the property during the cleaning process. Our specialised cleaning services includes,

Carpet cleaning Brisbane

Tile and grout cleaning Brisbane

Window cleaning Brisbane

Pressure cleaning Brisbane

Hard floor machine scrub

Strip and sealing hard floor surfaces

Sanitary services

Much More

Do you have any special requirements? Call 1300 461 466 and discuss your cleaning needs with our experts now!

Why should you hire our Commercial Cleaning services in Brisbane?

Don’t store the dirt – Be it your office or your building, dust settles every day and cleaning is required to remove the dirt and debris away. Even if you vacuum it, certain pollutants, grime, sand, and dirt will lurk beneath. Only our expert Brisbane commercial cleaners will help you give the success of thorough cleaning taking out all the dirt and stains.

Share your cleaning load with our Brisbane commercial cleaners - Running an office itself a huge burden. You can't be thinking of taking up another huge load, which is cleaning. This is where our commercial Brisbane cleaners come to rescue. We use exceptional cleaning products to achieve the maximum cleanliness and share your cleaning load happily.

Make a lasting impression – Garnering positive feedback from your clients about your office cleanliness is a great thing. It builds a professional image and reputation. More than reputation, you will be able to attract your customers sooner than you imagine.

Our Brisbane office cleaners will work based on the requirements of our customers. We will provide you with a complete commercial cleaning package for office buildings, entrance, reception area, washrooms, and more. We also offer a wide range of cleaning services for various clients ranging from small companies to large organisations.

Regular maintenance of office and commercial space will help you have a clean and germ-free environment. If you feel that your office is too messy, entrust your cleaning work to the reputed, reliable, and affordable commercial cleaners in Brisbane – Commercial Clean Group. We have been delivering the best commercial, Industrial and office cleaning services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. For appointments, call 1300 461 466 today.

Our regular, professional cleaning will benefit you in the following ways:

Create a comfortable, tidy workplace for your employees.

Increase staff morale and productivity.

Reduce the risk of sickness spreading among your team.

Take the worry of keeping your workplace clean out of your hands.

Save you time and the stress associated with cleaning the office yourself.

Enhance the professional image of your business.

Create a great first impression for your clients and customers.

Save on overhead costs of maintaining your electronic equipment.

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